Justice delayed is Justice denied campaign

Citizens are not getting justice … because of unnecessary postponements of cases.Citizens are not getting justice on time e.g. cases of Sexual Offences are taking long than the prescribed 72 hours.High dropping of cases due the exorbitant court fees e.g.

Know your land rights

One of the national objectives as stipulated in the constitution includes women’s rights to access land. “Land as a fixed natural resource is the basis of all human activity. While it is possible for mankind to survive without other forms

Gender & Extractives

Agriculture used to be the back bone of the Zimbabwean economy. From 1990 onwards a combination of factors such as structural adjustment programmes, retrenchments, droughts, land reform and economic challenges led to the decline in the agricultural sector. This decline

Girls not brides

WLSA in Partnership with Plan International being supported by  the European Union is conducting a project entitled Strengthening civil society to promote Gender Equality through participatory advocacy on Child Rights in Zimbabwe.  The consortium focuses on working with Child rights

International Rural women’s day

On the 15th of October 2018 WLSA, in conjunction with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs, Community, Small and Medium Enterprise Development hosted International Rural Women’s Day commemorations at Chidara Primary School, Chitangazuva (Ward 27) in Mutoko. The day was earmarked

Team Building exercise

WLSA continuously works to strengthen its organisation to deliver on the mission related objectives. This involves building on the strengths and rectifying any weaknesses there may be in the areas of governance, sustainability and organisational structure,HR development and management,resource mobilization,accountability

  • Land is the basis of all human activity

    One of the national objectives as stipulated in the constitution includes women’s rights to access land. “Land as a fixed natural resource is the basis of all human activity

    Know your land rights
  • Strengthened women political participation

    Enhancing women and Youth Participation in decision making through legal rights education and capacity building

    Strengthening women political participation
  • Say No To Gender Based violence

    The levels of Gender Based Violence in Zimbabwe remain a concern and a major barrier to women's active participation in development

    Say No to Gender Based Violence
  • Male Involvement

    Reducing discrimination and violence against women through male involvement

    From Peace in our homes to peace in our community
  • Community popular opinion leaders

    Community popular opinion leaders ready to defend and claim their human rights and empowered to take action against violence and discrimination against women.

    Empowerment circle model
  • Publications

    WLSA has conducted research which is intended to inform and influence action being taken to improve the socio-legal situation of women and girl children. Find some of the WLSA Zimbabwe publications


Our Goal

WLSA goal is to contribute to gender equality and fulfillment of women and girls rights.

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Women and Law In Southern Africa (WLSA ) Zimbabwe's mission is to organize; coordinate and support evidence based interventions that promote and protect women and girl’s rights through legal and policy reform and changes to discriminatory socio-cultural and economic practices.

Traditional leaders and GBV

  Traditional leaders training Manual

Gender and Extractives

FACT SHEETS  Advocacy and lobbying Gender and Extractives