To   To provide legal aid and support services to indigent women and girls

·         To provide women and girls education and training to personnel in the justice delivery system

·         To use law to support women’s economic empowerment

·         To conduct research and advocacy on laws and policies affecting women and girls.


WLSA Membership Policy 

i.                     Eligibility

(a)    Membership shall be open to interested individuals aged 18 years and above

(b)    Interested institutions who meet the set requirements shall be considered

(c)    Individuals shall pay $5 and organisations $20 per annum as membership fee.  


ii.                   Assumption of Membership:

(a) Membership shall be applied for to the Executive Committee or any designated membership officer of Women and Law in Southern Africa-Zimbabwe.

(b) Each applicant shall complete an application form which shall be obtained from Women and Law in Southern Africa-Zimbabwe offices.

(c)There shall be payment of an annual and renewal subscription fee which shall be determined by Women and Law in Southern Africa-Zimbabwe Annual General Meeting (AGM).

iii.                  Cessation of membership shall be through:

(a) Expulsion subject to a disciplinary hearing

(b) Non payment of subscription fees within a period of 3 months after AGM

(c) Resignation

(d) Incapacitation

(d) Death 

                 iv. Benefits of being a WLSA member

a.    Free legal aid offered by WLSA lawyers

b.    Free access to materials and books on legal issues

c.    Networking and sharing of ideas during member activities

d.    Opportunity to choose Board members in the AGM

 Download and fill in Application form

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