We released our first publication  in 1989, and have since produced over a dozen Handbooks on various democratic processes, written and edited by renowned experts in their fields.

Issue Paper on Assessment of the Efficacy of Informal Justice System in Addressing SGBV in Hurungwe, Mutasa and Umzingwane

FAQs on the Marriage Bill

Mobile Legal Aid Methodology

Policy Brief on Covid 19 and Justice Systems in Emergency Situations In Zimbabwe

Synthesis of the Women's Coalition of Zimbabwe Covid 19 Situation Report

GBV Statistics and Trends in Zimbabwe

Women's Rights Hand book

Principles of the Succession Law in Zimbabwe

WLSA SRHR Women with Disabilities

Civil Society Gender Profiles on Conflict and Security Assessment in Zimbabwe

Gender Equality in ASM Issues Paper

Cultural Predicaments, Norms, Power and Control in Addressing SGBV in Rural Domains in Zimbabwe

Assessment of the Formal Justice System in Responding to SGBV ,Harmful practices and SRHR In Zimbabwe

Womens Participation in Emergencies in Mutare District- Policy Research Paper

Court Monitoring Report-An Intregrated Support for Sexual and Reproductive Health &GBV Preventation in Marange.

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