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WLSA raises COVID-19 awareness campaigns in Murehwa

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Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA) > News  > WLSA raises COVID-19 awareness campaigns in Murehwa

WLSA raises COVID-19 awareness campaigns in Murehwa

COVID-19 awareness campaigns in Murehwa

On 07 May 2020, WLSA together with the Murehwa Covid-19 rapid response team visited ward 18, 19 and 20 Murewa District to raise awareness on COVID-19 and gender based violence(GBV). WLSA presented on GBV paying particular attention to how man are stimulating GBV and also how other men are victims. This came up after the district recorded highest numbers of GBV cases during the national lockdown of which 98% of the victims were women and children. Hence it was WLSA’s message that for the district to eradicate GBV there is need for male involvement to promote and protect women and children’s rights. The team was educating and empowering counsellors, village heads and village health workers who were tasked to deliver the message to their respective communities. Participants were also tasked to report cases of GBV to the police and to seek free legal advice from WLSA.

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